Goodbye and Hello.

Happiest New Year! I can never quite get over how fast time goes the older you get. It seems like it was only a few weeks ago I was with my friends ringing in 2015 and now we’ve said goodbye to it! This New Year’s Eve was uneventful in comparison to my last years! Last year included my friends and I locking ourselves out of our house, knocking out a tooth, bags of peas on my friends face while stuck outside when midnight hit and then breaking a window to get back in. We weren’t complaining about our night in the city this year that just involved dancing and a few too many drinks!

2015 bought me so much change, that it’s hard to process that it all only happened in a year. Saying goodbye to ballet was undoubtedly the biggest but getting my first full-time job has certainly given it a run for its money! I haven’t yet decided how I feel about it all. It all still feels quite surreal and as though I am living someone else’s life. I’m sure in due time it’ll begin to feel normal, and I might start enjoying it, but right now it has me stressed out and very much out of my comfort zone. All in all, 2015 gave me new friends who have shown me a life outside of ballet and cemented my friendships with the people I met through ballet, who undeniably got me through my hardest time.

There’s something so exciting about New Year’s resolutions! In the past mine have mostly been to get fit or to save more money which have both failed miserably a month in, so this year I’ve decided to try something different. I have decided to pick a word to have as my word of the year. My one word for this year is “PERSISTENCE.” It’ll be about persisting in what I know is the right thing even when the results are not immediate and even when things get difficult.

Hopefully, with this goal being a little more open and flexible to a situation, I will be able to say I completed a New Year’s resolution! With that being said I’m very excited for the year that is to come, and I hope you all had a fantastic New Years!




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