My reoccurring theme of the year seems to be spontaneous trips away! Work has been hectic lately so my 2 weeks of annual leave couldn’t have come soon enough. After many phone calls to my friend complaining about feeling empty and exhausted, we made the decision to book a little trip to Cairns.

We choose Cairns as we thought the sun would be enjoyable but really after half an hour outside in the humidity we just want to be in our hotel room with the air conditioning blasting. We also didn’t think about how driving or walking past all the beaches you can’t swim in really is torture when the weather is so hot! However, we were staying at the Shangri-La hotel which is located at the Marina and it had an amazing pool that we spent our days in and lazing around. Our room also had a little balcony that looked out over the ocean which was a perfect way to end the night with some glasses of wine.


We decided we didn’t want to end our Cairns trip by not visiting the Great Barrier Reef or going to a beach so we bought tickets and hopped on a boat to Green Island for a day. Green Island is a sand cay on the Great Barrier Reef. It is a small little island that has trees covering the majority of the centre part of the island that leads out onto white sandy beaches.IMG_3521

The island offers a fair amount of activities, we didn’t opt to do any except for the glass bottom boat tour. It was very long but I thoroughly enjoyed the guided tour and getting to see all the marine life without being too close! We even got to see turtles which were the highlight for me! After the tour, we spent the day on the beach and I even plucked up the courage to try snorkelling. It was so cool and I was annoyed at myself for not ever doing it sooner! Though going too deep was still terrifying I liked watching all the fish in the shallower parts of the sea.

When our little trip came to an end, I was feeling so happy and myself again. It’s amazing what some sun and time off can do for your mental health. I neglect how important it is to ensure I get enough sun and time to unwind while I’m at work. I can’t wait for the next time I get to visit Cairns to enjoy and explore a little more.



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