Goodbye 2016

What a whirlwind.


2016 has had me experience some of the highest points in my life and some of my lowest. This year I had anxiety attacks that left me with little energy and zero will to do anything that involved leaving my bedroom. I had no interest in replying to friends text messages and couldn’t bring myself to do much more than getting lost in a book; it was the darkest and most deflated I have ever felt. It took a lot out of me and made me feel very fragile. The start of the year was also a low point that I remember as a blur of nervousness and stress. I had a new job that had me working with different people every day, something I don’t cope well with, so every shift I went in to do for the first few months felt like a first shift all over again. I was living through my biggest fears daily, and I felt very alone in this “new” life I was creating.

Despite all of this going on I had one of the most exciting things happen this year. I bought my first car!!! This was probably the biggest highlight of my life and made me feel very adult. I have wanted a Mini Cooper for as long as I can remember and to be able to make this dream a reality was a huge achievement for me. Although I always pictured a pepper white mini, I am so happy with my little black one. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the excitement that was felt the first time I got to drive it.blurr
This year was the year for animals in my household with my two “girl” guinea pigs getting pregnant more times than I can count, to the two dogs my family welcomed into our lives. I don’t think anything can bring the same kind of happiness animals can. From walking through the front door after a long, tiring day at work to see two of the happiest faces jumping up and down wanting cuddles from you, you can’t stay unhappy for too long. Though the guinea pigs popping numerous babies out made the year more expensive and waking up to dog poo on the floor isn’t ideal, the year wouldn’t have been quite as bright and eventful without any of them.
Something that puts a goofy smile on my face is thinking of my friends who I am lucky enough to share excitement, laughter and stupid decisions. From arriving back to our hotel rooms an hour before we are meant to start work, getting on an empty bus with boys we don’t know, booking spontaneous flights interstate and having coffee dates that go for 4 hours and not running out of things to say. This year would have been so boring without you all. Thank you to the friends who I have known for years that remind me it’s okay not to know what I am doing. To the friends who help me live more spontaneously and bring me out of my comfort zone, the friends who are teaching me how to stand up for myself and to the friends who somehow manage to make 10 hour days at work enjoyable. You all mean so much to me and I am so lucky to be surrounded by so many amazing people.


To conclude the year that has made me feel the happiest and the emptiest I am glad to see the end of you. Here’s to a new year of challenges, stupid decisions, too much wine and good friends.


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