Hi 2017

After a few days of getting the fact it’s 2017 to sink into my brain and a couple of afternoon naps to get over my exhaustion from New Year’s Eve, I have finally written out my resolutions for the year. Keeping them as achieveable as possible, here are my 2017 New Year’s Resolutions.

Put myself first.

This one may sound a little selfish, but I get very scared about disappointing other people, so I tend to say yes to doing things I don’t want to do just to keep them happy. This year I am focusing on the importance of my own well-being. I forget that what I want isn’t any less important to what the person next to me wants and that sometimes I have to put my own needs first because not many other people will.

Write more.

Back in 2013, I had a Happiness Jar in which I wrote down everything that made me smile that year. I still have all the bits of paper, and from time to time I read through them. It’s sweet to have such small moments written down, so I will never forget them. The past few years I haven’t written enough down or taken enough photos. It is sad how well we remember all the bad things that happen and how easy it is to forget about the good. I hate to think of all the things that have made me smile through the years that I don’t have any recollection of now.

Step out of my comfort zone.

My mum’s favourite quote is ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’ and it’s the quote I want to live by this year. So even if a situation has me pooping my pants I can take a breath and get through whatever it is. I fear a lot of mundane situations so if by the end of the year I can fill my car up with petrol I’ll consider this resolution fulfilled.


After stopping ballet, my mindset was I’m not a dancer anymore I don’t need to to be flexible. Well, I have come to learn from the aches and pains I get when I wake up that my body does, in fact, need to be stretched. Obviously not to the extent it was before but since stopping I have come to learn how important it is. Setting aside 15 minutes for myself a day will not only help my body but also my mind.

Drink more water.

With how much time I spend on a plane this really should be at the top of the list. I always feel so much better the days I drink more water, and my skin is so thankful when I do!

So there they are, my 5 resolutions to hopefully make this year a little bit sweeter than the last. This year has started off better than I could have asked despite the fact I am currently sick. I was able to celebrate New Year’s Eve with one of my friends who hasn’t been in the country for a year! I’ve been able to stick to the resolutions I have set for myself and spend all my off days soaking up the sun on the beach. However, if I am reading this come next summer please Ally remember that you do NOT have skin that enjoys hours of sunshine at the beach and you will end up with a painful burn that has you looking like a lobster.


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