February Favorites

February has come to an end in a blink of an eye so I thought I would write up my summer favourites of everything I have loved over the summer period! It’s just a random mix of things that I have loved the past few months.

Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette

The smell of this palette was enough for me to buy. It smells so friggin good! I actually purchased this a few months ago but didn’t completely fall in love with it until we hit the warmer months. The colours and bronzes have gone so perfectly with the tan I managed to acquire over the summer period

Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able Foundation

This foundation was very hard to come by I had to order it online, but it was worth all the trouble. You don’t need much of this foundation as every little drop goes a long way. It has excellent coverage and is super lightweight. I love the matte finish it gives, and I always get compliments from people saying my skin looks flawless after I have used it. It’s been my go-to foundation the past few months.


These shoes have been my summer essential! I haven’t gone many days without putting them on. They are so comfortable and can be paired with any outfit. I have them in a few colours now, but my white ones are by far my favourite.

The Quiet Power

All I could think the entire time I was reading this book was I wish I had this book when I was younger! Growing up I didn’t understand my introverted ways and always just wished I could be more like the other more outgoing kids in my class. This book helps you to appreciate the strengths you have by being introverted and was the perfect read for this month!

Bullet Journal

This has been the best thing I could have started in 2017. It is a good escape and gives me a place to write and decorate to show how I am feeling that day. It also helps me keep track of my habits and happiness throughout each month. It is a more time consuming than a normal diary but well worth it and the perfect way to reflect and unwind at the end of the day.


On the days that the weather takes a turn for the worst and I’m stuck on a call out shift for work Netflix is my best friend. I’m definitely the kind of person that’ll finish a season of something a day and Netflix doesn’t ever disappoint. The OA has me hooked, and I’m loving re-watching Gossip Girl.


Be it making them at home or buying them at a cafe I have a smoothie close to every day. As a girl who used to work at Boost Juice it became a staple part of my diet. My favourite smoothie is my home-made one with banana, spinach, water and ice. It is super refreshing and filling, the perfect way to start the day.


I have never been the biggest fan of trips to the beach until this summer. Now every second moment I have I want to be relaxing by the water. It is so refreshing, and I always feel ten times better starting my week at work if I have spent the few days before by the ocean. Sorrento has been right up there with my favourite place to go to unwind after a hectic week.


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