To the women who inspire me

In celebration of international women’s day, I wanted to take some time to recognise and appreciate some of the women who inspire me and have supported me over the years. It’s days like today that remind me that when women support each other incredible things happen! So here’s to a few of the amazing eggs that have helped shape who I am today.


My mum was the first person I ever looked up to and the person I continue looking up to every day. Being a single parent, I know how hard she worked for everything she has and for all the opportunities she gave me. She is the person always right behind me supporting me in whatever I choose to do and always there encouraging me to chase my dreams.


I stumbled across Emma on Instagram at a time I was in such a negative headspace about everything going on in my life. Emma was so positive and just had a love for life that was so contagious that I caught the bug. I began to appreciate the things I was taking for granted, the things that to me were just “normal” but to others would be a blessing. From her, I’ve retaught myself how to be in the moment and how a sunset can make any day better.


My friends help people escape into something beautiful for a few hours and have undeniable mental and physical strength. Most of them have been through the toughest times of being told no on top of no but have persevered to achieve their dreams or have pushed to end on their own note rather than other peoples. They help lift me up whenever I need and inspire me constantly to aim for bigger and better.


Karli has been there inspiring me since I can remember! She’s shown me that determination and hard work can get you your dream no matter the obstacles that occur on the journey there. Your constant resilience got you to this point, and I know there is no stopping how far you will go, having success but still maintaining your compassion and openness is something I respect.


I’m not too sure what I would have done without her a few years ago. It was my first time overseas alone, living with two girls I had never met studying ballet at a school that was so different to what I knew, and she was there for me every minute of the day messaging me making me feel less alone. I know the past few years haven’t been easy for her, but the courage she showed and determination through it all is so respectable. I know whatever road she takes next she will achieve great things because she has so much inner strength.


For SO many reasons but essentially for giving me the love of reading. I am eternally grateful to have the world of Harry Potter in my life.

Today is the day (and every day) to tell your good eggs what good eggs they are. Thank you to these eggs and to all the other little eggs out there that continue to break the “norm.”

Much love xo


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