What’s Been Up

So.. it’s been a little while since I updated on here. Turns out I’m not great at keeping a blog up, however, I am aiming to get better!

I wish I could say I’ve been super busy with cool activities and tasks but that would be a lie. To be honest I feel like the last few months have been a bit of a blur. My family went through a pretty crappy April with the death of our family dog, cat and guinea pig. The worst news we received was the death of my cousin’s grandpa Peter, who I very much considered my own grandpa. It was sudden, unexpected and really hurt.

The majority of my family work shift work so getting holidays/events that everyone can attend very rarely happens. Easter Sunday this year (6 days before Peter’s passing) my entire family was rostered off. It was the first year in forever my family was all together for a holiday. At the time no one had any idea that it would be the last with Peter, now it just makes the memory from the day all the more special and I’m so thankful the universe worked in our favour to have this memory to keep.

With everything that has happened the past few months the one thing that stands out most is the love that I am surrounded by. The little eggs I have in my life who did nothing but remind me that I always had someone to talk to if I needed and that nothing I asked was ever too much I am so thankful for you all. You never expect anything in return for your kindness and love I’m so grateful for the messages, flowers and gifts I received.

Amidst all the goodbyes that happened, we got to say hello to a new puppy! Her name is Bronte, she is an adorable cavoddle and my family and I are very lucky to have her cute little face in our lives every day. She will have her own little post in the coming week, so I hope you look forward to meeting her.

A. xo


breeanda and sahnai



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