Meet Miss Bronte

As mentioned briefly in my previous post my families beloved dog passed. He lived a long, happy life but his time came and he passed peacefully away while my Pop was cuddling him.

He was considered my Pop’s right-hand man. He followed him throughout all his daily tasks, in consequence, my Pop was missing him more than anyone. Seeing my Pop walk around every day crying because his best friend was no longer around was extremely hard to watch.

After a few weeks, I couldn’t bare watching my Pop in so much pain anymore, I started searching up dogs that were available to buy that were similar to our little boy. I thought it would take a few months to decide and process the whole decision, however, it only took one night and a visit to a breeder for me to immediately fall in love and not be able to say no. Before I knew what was happening I had left a deposit and was coming back the next morning to pick the new fur ball up!

On April 17th I went to collect the family’s newest four-legged friend. It was exciting and nerve-wracking. Exciting because after one meeting I had already fallen in love but nerve-wracking as I hadn’t told my grandparents about our little friend yet. I wanted it to be a surprise for them, and I knew they would love her, I just wasn’t too sure how they would take an unexpected arrival.

When I finally arrived home my Nan met me at the car, I think she knew I had been up to something. Her face lit up in surprise at the sight of our new puppy and she was very quick to take the little fur ball out of my hands for a cuddle, it was easy to tell she was already just as smitten as I was. Once we were finally in the house I called my Pop down to show him the exciting news. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the pure joy on his face and the happy tears he cried as soon as he laid his eyes on the puppy. After what seemed like hours of cuddles from everyone we finally decided to name the new puppy Bronte.

I’m pleased to say Bronte is loving her new home, that’s filled with an excess amount of toys and treats, and she’s really loving all the cuddles she gets 24/7. Although she was ALOT of money it’s all worth it when I think back to the look on my Pop’s face when he saw her for the first time.

Side note: If you buy puppy pee pads make sure they stick to the floor or else they will be ripped to pieces and be scattered around the house in minutes!



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